24v Juli AC Drive Motor.




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0009761298, 10057LINM, AF124-L2, AF124L2, R14X, 115, 115-02, 115-02, 115C-02, 115C-03, 115C-03, 116 R10C, R10C, R10C-02, R10C-03, R115-03, R115C-02, R12C, R12C-02, R12C-03, R14, R14-02, R14-02, R14C, R14C-02, R14C-03, R14X, R16, R16-02, R16-02, R16X, R16X, R17X, R17X, R17XHD, R17XHD, R20, R20-02, R20-02, R20-2, 

28v Juli AC Drive Motor

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